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The reason why the mind, body and spirit (soul) are important

If you have any of the following problems, now is the time to make a big change.

・I want to change something

・ I want to live more like myself

・ I want to enrich my daily life

・Being swayed around and unable to protect yourself

・The ups and downs of emotions are strong, and emotions cannot be maintained

・There is a trauma and things do not go well

・Nerves do not rest

・Can't get rid of tension

・ Every day is full of stress

・I feel stuck because I can't see the future

・I don't know where my true self is

・I hate everything

・ I'm tired of being patient every day


Effects and Examples of Crystal Healing

1) Adjust the brain (soul)

2) Adjustment of the seven chakras

3) Aura: 7 layers of adjustment

4) Mental maintenance

5) Activation and regulation of the body's energy

6) Bloom your intellect

7) Regulate your emotions

8) Let your original personality bloom

9) Unleash your potential

10) Demonstrate your inherent abilities and individuality


2020 was considered a turning point, but I never thought that the new coronavirus would bring about a major turning point. In the new [Wind] era, the concepts of “money, ownership, stability, common sense, organization, gender, national borders, and nationality” will become old-fashioned values.


Until 2020, in the era of [Soil], I received therapy to "seek the answers I want from the outside", but now in the era of the wind, it is to "face deeply with my inner self and find the answer". Crystal healing is perfect because it is a content that deeply faces the inside of the heart.


After harassing a colleague, she fought against President Black in a labor trial and won a big victory in her fourth year. Find a solution using various tools such as crystal healing!  



President of Aurora Holistic Institute

Japan Crystal Healing Association Secretary General 

Experts in flowering your life and talents & improving your luck

Yurica Ueno

身体に曼荼羅図を載せた時のイメージ写真(左が第一チャクラ~右奥が第七チャクラです )
愛用している水晶たち( イメージ写真 )


・魂( 脳 )の活性化及び調整












クリスタルヒーリングは、インドのヴェーダ哲学の一部です。 ヴェーダ哲学とはインドで編纂された一連の宗教文書の総称の理論のことで、それらの理論を用いて各チャクラに対応する石を置いて、人体のエネルギーやオーラを活性化させます。 それ以外にも体調管理や精神であったり、脳をケアできる代替療法です。 なおイギリス・ドイツまたオランダでは臨床データを基に医療と同等の扱いとされているので、それぞれの国では医療保険の適用が認められております。






中でも水晶( 別名は石英で、特に無色透明なものを水晶と呼びます )は、工業の世界では “  産業の塩 ” と呼ばれており、水晶デバイスとして、パソコンや家電、人工衛星など精密機器には欠かせない存在ですし、また安定した鉱物として多くの方に知られています。


社団法人 日本クリスタルヒーリング協会 事務局長 

植野友理香( Yurica Ueno )

Philosophy( 哲学1 )

What's Crystal healing?

"Crystals are different combinations of minerals that help purify, balance and realign by working with our bioenergetic systems".


There are healing stones for every part of the body and healing crystals that can be used at a specific time to heal any area of the body that needs healing. The healing stones will need the guidance of the therapist  for the healing to take place, there are many ways in which crystal healing can occur. The first is through colour vibrations. Certain stones or groups of stones carry specific colours and associated healing vibrations.

Each healing crystal has its own unique frequency pattern within it, which can be identified by feeling its energy. These frequencies are then imprinted into our energy field as we hold or wear the stone.

Some stones are specifically used to work on problem areas of our body and mind, to heal them, to restore balance and harmony within us. Some healing crystals have a heating energy, some have a cooling energy. As such, they are useful in healing specific organs and parts of the body (for example, pyrite is used to heal the liver). 

​A healing crystal can be any stone that has been cleansed of lower vibrational energy and attuned to the higher frequencies that are beneficial to us. And traditional crystal healing is performed lying down, fully clothed.


​​​How long does a session last?

Crystal Healing sessions typically take about 30-60 mins and can be done in person or remotely.  Prior to starting the session( In-person ), we'll spend up to 20 mins discussion the purpose of the session, so we can select the right and perfect crystals for your session.  The majority of our clients come to work on balancing out their chakras, opening closed off chakras or calming down over active chakras.  For in person sessions you will lay on a massage table and the selected crystals will be placed on and around you and you may be asked to hold some.  


Crystal healing for children and teens

Crystals may also be able to help children who are experiencing anxiety, are struggling to express themselves, experience anger or frustration, have behavioural problems, or may be struggling with speech delay. An important part of the process is to allow your child to choose which crystal(s) feel right for them. Ensure that any crystals used are tumbled to prevent breakage.  Many parents find crystals can offer a simple, effective way of helping their child or teen to overcome obstacles. Safe and easily incorporated into day-to-day life, there are many healing crystals that can help children to:

  • improve their sleep

  • deal with emotional issues

  • overcome hurt feelings and soothe emotions

  • feel grounded and present in the moment

  • promote courage and boost self-esteem

  • provide good luck when taking exams

  • encourage leadership qualities

  • help children to think more clearly

  • promote healing


Remote Energy Healing

How does 'remote' healing even work? 

You may wonder how it's even possible but

you'll be amazed when you realise that it is!


The remote energy healing is a way to receive therapy for a certain period of time without coming to the salon after you provide your photos & Birth Day & your residence address and tell symptoms.  And Crystals can be used for extremely successful remote healing sessions because they are not bound by either time or space. A remote session has the advantage of purity. There are no distractions from perceiving the energy, because that is all there is to work with. This provides an opportunity for extraordinary depth and breadth in the energy work.


For many people, experiencing the etheric realm, and Energy Healing, in this way, is a very moving and enlightening experience. In contrast, an In-Person session has multiple additional layers, including the physical-allowing for hands-on contact and much visual information. Energy knows no space or time. Remote healing is based on the belief that the body is permeated by an energy field that can affect our health and well-being. It is also called subtle energy, vibrational energy or simply, life force. Known in Ayurveda, we can work with this energy to find balance and healing. Even from a distance, we can achieve, deep relaxation and mental clarity. It can be performed on people or pets(cats and dogs ).


Our services are in no way intended to be considered medical advice, substitutions for prescription medicine, traditional or holistic medical care. You should ALWAYS consult a licensed medical doctor for any medical, physical or emotional issues.

Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists (ICGT)

Yurica Ueno


​Menu & Resevation

( メニュー & ご予約 )

イギリスの有名な世界遺産( ストーンヘンジ )です。

Credit Cards Only:Paypal or Stripe( Stripeは登録ナシでご利用可能 )


〇In-Person Treatments:​

1) Exclusive for women

2) Appointment required and subscriber only​

3) Please wear a non-woven mask while you treatment in our therapy room.

​4)Access map:Click here.


〇Remote Treatments:

At your residence:

1) Daily:21pm & 22pm & 23pm( JST ) 

2)If you want receive Energy healing on your time zone, inform us when you make a reservation.

JST:Japan standard time






( ご予約者様の1名限りご来店可能です )



・予約が満了又はお休みの日は、「 該当なし 」と出ます 



身体に曼荼羅図を載せた時のイメージ写真( 左は第一チャクラ~右奥が第七チャクラ )です。
身体に曼荼羅図を載せた時のイメージ写真( 右側が第一チャクラ~左側が第七チャクラ )です。

・東京都港区南青山2-2-15 ウィン青山9階
直接の訪問はお断りしております )

・女性限定&完全予約制( 不定休 )

・営業時間( 予約可能時間 )

【 対面ヒーリング 】

平日:10時&14時( JST )

土日祝日:10時&15時&17時( JST )


【 遠隔ヒーリング 】

予約可能時間:22時&23時( JST )


Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists (ICGT)

Yurica Ueno

​植野 友里香

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