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Business information

☆Business name☆
Aurora Holistic Institute
(Salon name: Aurora Crystal Therapy)
[Therapy and counseling services]
〇British Crystal Healing
〇 Psychotherapy (counseling)
〇Healing course/workshop
[Therapist training business]
〇Therapist Training (Presseri Bluestone)
[Consulting business]
〇Branding and opening support for therapists
〇 Consultant services for therapists
〇 Office work agency business for therapists
[ Website creation work ]
〇 WEB production / operation and support work using Gupe
[Translation work]
〇Translation work
[Event-related work]
〇 Planning and production of various events
〇 Management support for various events
○ Consulting for various events
〇 Planning and production of training and seminars for therapists
〇 Operational support for workshops and seminars for therapists
[Production work]
〇Production of crystal bracelets, etc.

​Yurika Ueno

​ Win Aoyama 9F, 2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Please use the ​ email form.
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