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Remote Energy Healing:Anywhere, anytime, any distance, it's OK!

How does 'remote' energy healing even work? You may wonder how it's even possible but you'll be amazed when you realise that it is!

A process by which healers send spiritual healing to recipients who are not in the same physical location as them. Recipients can be anywhere in the world. The remote energy healing is a way to receive therapy for a certain period of time without coming to the salon after you provide your photos and tell symptoms.

Remote healing, or distance healing, is a way of sending healing energy to a person who is unable to attend a session in person. The healing energy is not limited by boundaries, nor hindered by distance. Remote healing or distant healing, can bring a sense of peace, balance and harmony to your soul.

And Crystals can be used for extremely successful remote healing sessions because they are not bound by either time or space. A remote session has the advantage of purity. There are no distractions from perceiving the energy, because that is all there is to work with. This provides an opportunity for extraordinary depth and breadth in the energy work. For many people, experiencing the etheric realm, and Energy Healing, in this way, is a very moving and enlightening experience.

In contrast, an In-Person session has multiple additional layers, including the physical-allowing for hands-on contact and much visual information. Energy knows no space or time. emote healing is based on the belief that the body is permeated by an energy field that can affect our health and well-being.

It is also called subtle energy, vibrational energy or simply, life force. Known in Ayurveda, we can work with this energy to find balance and healing. Even from a distance, we can achieve, deep relaxation and mental clarity. It can be performed on people or pets(cats and dogs ). Pets are remarkably responsive to spiritual healing.




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